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Welcome to the ultimate Jake Humphrey Fansite!

On here you will find loadsa stuff including a factfile kindly filled him by the man himself, a bit about all the CBBC shows he has been involved in, and plenty photos to keep us girls happy. Also, if you want to contact me regarding Jake, or anything to do with this part of the site, then head to the 'Contact' page where you'll find my details :)

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17th December 2004-Hey! God its been a long time! Sorry! Basically  i pretty much ditched the site cos there wasnt much going on and i've been quite busy at uni :( God news for Jake fans though! A new series of Rule the School is being filmed in the new year and also its been confirmed that TSS will return in April-ish, only thing is we dont know for definite yet about the presenters. Fingers crossed Jake will be back! Will try and update more often and whenever i find out more info on RTS and TSS. Have a proper crimbo. xx

7th October 2004-Happy Birthday Jake! Hope you have a good one.x

10th September 2004-Spent a bit just fixing little things. I took off some pages basically cos I didn't know what to put on them! I have added some new ones though, like screencaps and Jake's bio. Which by the way, I will get round to doing one day!

7th September 2004- The Saturday Show is now finished, as is Rule the School. Doesn't look like there are any repeats of anything Jake wise on the CBBC Channel at the mo but if I hear anything I will let you know. Jake is going to be filming another series of Bamzooki and will also be presenting CBBC at Celebrity Fame Academy. No more details on these at present but as always, I will let you know if I hear anything :)

29th August 2004-Next Saturday is the last TSS of this year. *cries* But Jake said he would be doing it again next year. Doubt anything has been confirmed though cos the same happened with the preseneters last year. Fearne and Sarra presumed they were coming back but it never happened. Anyways as soon as I hear anything I'll let y'all know. Remember Rule the School is still on Fridays at 5pm CBBC1. Thank you please x